HCI International 2017
Vancouver, Canada, 9 - 14 July 2017
Vancouver Convention Centre
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Best Papers / Poster Presentation Schedule


Best Papers / Poster Presentation Schedule

Thematic area / Conference

Title / Authors


Date / Time / Room

Human-Computer Interaction Thematic Area


“Human Chef” to “Computer Chef”: Culinary Interactions Framework for Understanding HCI in the Food Industry

So Yeon Park, Sohyeong Kim, and Larry Leifer (Stanford University, United States)

S161: Novel User Interfaces in Everyday Contexts of Use – I

Session chair: Chantal Natalie van der Wal


Friday, 14 July, 08:00 – 10:00

Room: 213

Human Interface and the Management of Information Thematic Area


The Vibropixels: a Scalable Wireless Tactile Display System

Ian Hattwick, Ivan Franco, and Marcelo M. Wanderley (McGill University, Canada)

S064: Multisensory wearable displays

Session chair: Linda R. Elliott

Wednesday, 12 July, 16:00 – 18:00

Room: 202

14th International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics


Cognitive considerations in auditory user interfaces: Neuroergonomic evaluation of synthetic speech comprehension

Adrian Curtin (Drexel University, United States), and Hasan Ayaz (Drexel University, / University of Pennsylvania / Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, United States)

S066: PANEL: HCI Challenges and Opportunities in Autonomous Driving

Session chairs: Kyeong-ah Kate Jeong, Ignacio Alvarez, Francesco Biondi

Wednesday, 12 July, 16:00 – 18:00

Room: 112

11th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction


FittsFace: Exploring Navigation and Selection Methods for Facial Tracking

Justin Cuaresma and I. Scott MacKenzie (York University, Canada)

S067: Recent developments in interactive technologies supporting universal accessibility

Session chair: Frode Eika Sandnes

Wednesday, 12 July, 16:00 – 18:00

Room: 208

9th International Conference on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality


Dispelling the Gorilla Arm Syndrome: The Viability of Prolonged Gesture Interactions

Jeffrey T. Hansberger (U.S. Army Research Laboratory, United States), Chao Peng, Shannon L. Mathis, Vaidyanath Areyur Shanthakumar, Sarah C. Meacham, Lizhou Cao, and Victoria R. Blakely (University of Alabama Huntsville, United States)

S048: Agent Transparency for Human-Autonomy Teaming Effectiveness

Session chair: Jessie Y.C. Chen

Wednesday, 12 July, 13:30 – 15:30

Room: 116

9th International Conference on Cross-Cultural Design


Teaching Older Adults to Use Gerontechnology Applications through Instruction Videos: Human-Element Considerations

Pei-Lee Teh (Monash University, Malaysia), Chee Wei Phang (Fudan University, P.R. China), Pervaiz K. Ahmed (Monash University, Malaysia), Soon-Nyean Cheong, Wen-Jiun Yap (Multimedia University, Malaysia), Qi Ma and Alan H.S. Chan (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

S087: Contemporary Issues Impacting Global Aging and Technology in the 21st Century

Session chair: Pei-Lee Teh

Thursday, 13 July, 08:00 – 10:00

Room: 207

9th International Conference on Social Computing and Social Media


Intent Classification of Social Media Texts with Machine Learning for Customer Service Improvement

Sebastian Perez-Vera, Rodrigo Alfaro and Hector Allende-Cid (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile)

S108: Evaluating and Using Social Media

Session chair: Cristian Rusu

Thursday, 13 July, 10:30 – 12:30

Room: 107&108

11th International Conference on Augmented Cognition


Neural Dynamics of Spontaneous Thought: An Electroencephalographic Study

Manesh Girn, Caitlin Mills, Eric Laycock (University of British Columbia, Canada), Melissa Ellamil (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Germany), Lawrence Ward and Kalina Christoff (University of British Columbia, Canada)

S009: Neural markers of attention

Session chair: Henk J. Haarmann

Wednesday, 12 July, 08:00 – 10:00

Room: 203

8th International Conference on Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management


Watch out! User-centered Feedback Design for a V2X-Smartphone App

Teresa Schmidt, Ralf Philipsen, Dzenan Dzafic and Martina Ziefle (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

S032: Human Factors in Information Visualization and Decision Support Systems

Session chair: André Calero Valdez

Wednesday, 12 July, 10:30 – 12:30

Room: 117

6th International Conference on Design, User Experience and Usability


Four Biases in Interface Design Interactions

Alamir Novin and Eric M. Meyers (University of British Columbia, Canada)

S094: User Experience and Design Methods - I

Session chair: Jan Conrad


Thursday, 13 July, 08:00 – 10:00

Room: 118

5th International Conference on Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions


A Smart City Application for Sharing Up-to-date Road Surface Conditions Detected from Crowdsourced Data

Kenro Aihara (National Institute of Informatics / The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan), Piao Bin (National Institute of Informatics, Japan), Hajime Imura (Hokkaido University, Japan), Atsuhiro Takasu (National Institute of Informatics / The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan), and Yuzuru Tanaka (Hokkaido University, Japan)

S056: Pervasive and Civic Computing

Session chair: Shin’ichi Konomi


Wednesday, 12 July, 13:30 – 15:30

Room: 115

5th International Conference on Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy and Trust


When Eye-tracking Meets Cognitive Modeling: Applications to Cyber Security Systems

Haiyue Yuan, Shujun Li, Patrice Rusconi and Nouf Aljaffan (University of Surrey, United Kingdom)

S095: Advances in Human Aspects of Cyber Security

Session chair: Panagiotis Andriotis


Thursday, 13 July, 08:00 – 10:00

Room: 111

4th International Conference on HCI in Business, Government and Organizations


Consumers’ Trust in Price-Forecasting Recommendation Agents

Eran Rubin (University of Akron, United States), Young Anna Argyris (Michigan State University, United States), and Izak Benbasat (University of British Columbia, Canada)

S038: HCI in Business and Organizations – II

Session chairs: Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Keng Siau


Wednesday, 12 July, 10:30 – 12:30

Room: 205

4th International Conference on Learning and Collaboration Technologies


Mixing and Matching Learning Design and Learning Analytics

Quan Nguyen, Bart Rienties and Lisette Toetenel (The Open University, United Kingdom )

S019: Learning Analytics for Secondary and Higher Education

Session chairs: Martin Ebner, Markus Ebner


Wednesday, 12 July, 08:00 – 10:00

Room: 206

3rd International Conference on Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population


Sensor-Driven Detection of Social Isolation in Community-Dwelling Elderly

Nadee Goonawardene, XiaoPing Toh, and Hwee-Pink Tan (Singapore Management University, Singapore)

S231: Ambient Assisted Living

Session chair: TBA


Friday, 14 July, 16:00 – 18:00

Room: 116

HCII 2017 Best Poster


Neurophysiological Indices of Human Social Interactions between Humans and Robots

Stephanie J. Smith, Bradly T. Stone (Advanced Brain Monitoring Inc., United States), Thavidu Ranatunga (Fello Robots, United States), Kyle Nel (Lowe’s Innovation Lab., United States), Thomas Z. Ramsoy (Neurons Inc., Denmark), and Chris Berka (Advanced Brain Monitoring Inc., United States)

Poster Board: 139



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